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ITRS Teams

The ITRS organization includes the sponsoring organizations, the executive committee, known as the International Roadmap Committee (IRC), regional and international technology working groups (TWGs/ITWGs), and the management office at SEMATECH.

The ITRS teams are recognized experts that volunteer their time to work in a technology working group in their expertise area. A strong commitment of time and effort are required. Researchers and technologists come from various sectors of the industry. Requests for becoming a member are sent to the working group chairs, which then present possible candidates to the team for approval.

ITRS Organization

AffiliationThe ITRS organization includes the executive committee, known as the Interntational Roadmap Committee (IRC). The IRC members decide policy and set guidelines for the ITRS. They determine the key data drivers, the parameters to be met over time that direct the technology data throughout the Roadmap. An example is feature size for particular chip structures. IRC membership is selected by the sponsoring regions and is comprised of seasoned technical executives with global recognition within their area of expertise.

The working groups, known as TWGs, focus on technologies that are crucial to the design, materials, and manufacture of semiconductors, as well as the factory sciences, process control, metrology, and environmental aspects. The working group members include subject matter experts that represent all sectors of the industry—chip manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and R&D experts.

Are you interested in devoting time to the ITRS effort?

Contact the ITRS project manager with your name and contact information, and area of technical interest, which will then be forwarded to the appropriate team chair[s].

The ITRS is devised and intended for technology assessment only and is without regard
to any commercial considerations pertaining to individual products or equipment.